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Torridon Group LLC
What We Do

Torridon Group LLC is a strategic consulting firm. Drawing on the collective experience of our team, the firm primarily advises and assists senior levels of corporations, industry groups, investment firms, and other leading institutions, in navigating significant challenges and opportunities presented by government policy — regulatory, legislative, and enforcement — as well as issues involving governance, commercial decisions, crisis management, and similar matters.

In addition to advising on strategy, we are available to support and participate directly in the execution of our client’s strategy, including through policy advocacy and, where requested, helping the client coordinate multifaceted public policy activities in support of its positions. In doing so, we work integrally with the client’s in-house team, as well as the client’s outside law firms and other advisors.

Where a matter requires deploying resources and specific expertise beyond our firm, we are able, if requested, to recommend and help assemble a customized team of the necessary experts best suited to achieving an efficient and successful outcome.

When a matter requires providing legal advice or services, the client may choose to have some or all of that work performed by Torridon Law PLLC, the law firm established by the founders of Torridon Group LLC, or alternatively by the client’s own in-house or other outside lawyers. The consulting firm is available to work with those lawyers.

We also serve as consultants to law firms on particular matters, augmenting the resources those firms can bring to bear on behalf of their clients.

Who We Are

Our team has an unparalleled combination of experience at the highest levels of the federal government and corporate America. Among our ranks, we have served as Cabinet officer, as White House and senior administration officials, as general counsels to major companies, as public-company board members, and as a partner in a venture capital fund. We have worked in the media, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors, in Silicon Valley, and at major law firms.

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