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Surmounting Challenges.
Seizing Opportunities.
The Torridon Group

The Torridon Group was established to help our clients frame and execute strategies to meet challenges and opportunities presented by government action (both domestically and internationally) in the policy, enforcement, regulatory, and legislative arenas, as well as those involving litigation, commercial disputes, and other public controversies.

Collectively, our team has uniquely broad experience at the highest levels of the federal government and corporate America, across a wide array of business sectors, and in the legal and financial communities. Over our careers, we have led organizations through complex, high-stakes, and sensitive matters of all kinds: litigation; major mergers and acquisitions, and commercial disputes; IPOs; regulatory and legislative battles; government enforcement investigations; monitorships; and public-relations controversies. We have an extensive network of accomplished experts to augment our team as needed.

Drawing on this experience, we are primarily advisors to senior levels of corporations, investment firms, law firms, industry groups, and other leading institutions—providing strategic advice and assisting our clients navigate and surmount the challenges they confront.

We are able to stay focused on, and responsive to, our clients’ needs by keeping our clientele limited. All of us have had extensive experience as consumers of legal and consulting services, as well as providers of those services, and we are committed to ensuring that our fees are commensurate to the value we deliver and consistent with our clients’ expectations.

At a time when many firms function like bureaucracies, Torridon is dedicated to serving its select group of clients with personal attention, professional commitment, and efficiency.
William Barr, 77th & 85th Attorney General
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